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Digital Arts

The digital arts program spans across many areas of creating marketing materials, using photography, design principles and Adobe programs which give students the opportunity to explore basic elements, components and skills required for digital art development and production. 

This is a working studio class utilizing FCA's Apple iMac computers and Canon DSLR camera equipment. The classes aim to teach basic skills used in a digital arts career path and provide practical use opportunities within FCA for students to combine these skills with their unique creative gifts. These opportunities could come in the form of designing logos, wearables, event graphics, image slides, brochures, etc.

(MS) Intro to Digital Arts

This quarterly class will introduce students to the basics of operating Apple computers as a creative tool, as well as hands-on instruction and photography projects using Cannon DSLR cameras and Adobe software programs. Strong emphasis will be on learning the basic functions of Adobe Photoshop.


(HS) Intro to Digital Arts

This creative class runs a full semester and will have a heavy emphasis on graphic design, photography, and use of Apple computers, Adobe software programs and Cannon DSLR cameras. Through hands on projects, students will explore photography, image manipulation, digital illustration, page layout, and the conceptualization process. Students will have opportunities to develop individual areas of interest once the basics are mastered.


Prerequisite: Must have taken 1 semester of the DIGITAL ARTS INTRO CLASS

We will be working with Cannon cameras and learning to maximize our phone cameras to capture images for marketing and as a fine art. Photoshop will be our software of choice, focusing on editing and manipulating images. Photography class students will also have opportunities to be on the FCA “Press Pass Team”, assisting with photographing events throughout the year and have their work featured regularly on school media.

(HS) Graphic Design + Marketing Independent StudyOffered to11th/12th grades only,
Prerequisite:  1 semester of the DIGITAL ARTS INTO CLASS

This class will cater to each student’s area of interest (graphic design, logo design, photography, basic video editing, digital illustration, etc.) and is designed to be a collaborative experience where students can learn from one another and build on skills that can be used to enhance their academic presentations, brand their own business, contribute to their school, community, or ministry opportunities. Students will develop an individual course syllabus with the instructor and will be mentored through self-study and specific projects.

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