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Students Excel at FCA

While we take pride in the strength of our academics and the success of our athletic programs, what makes the Academy unique is our commitment to training our students to think critically and biblically. In a society where world views are in constant collision, giving our children reason to find confidence in a Christian belief system will enable them to navigate the road of life before them. It has been said that “truth never fears a challenge,” so we are unashamed of our conservative and evangelical Christian foundation. Students from just under 100 area churches of various denominations and persuasions have found their worldview challenged in a healthy way in our classrooms. We believe that holding our students to a high academic standard and providing them with the best in Christian training and apologetics will best prepare this generation to impact their communities for the good of man and the glory of God.

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Fast Facts for Middle and High School:

  • 75% or more of every graduating class attend a college or university.
  • Alumni are currently attending colleges such as American University, Michigan State University, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Ringling College of Art and Design, Texas A&M University, Liberty University, Lancaster Bible College and Rutgers University.
  • Approximately 40% of our high school and middle school students receive academic honors each year.
  • High school students can choose from a course selection, boasting 15 Honors courses and 4 AP courses.
  • Students have access to Google Classroom via Chromebooks, iMacs, Apple iPads and Windows laptops.
  • There is a College and Career counselor, Academic Advisor and Campus Pastor on site on a daily basis.

Fast Facts for Elementary School:

  • We have three sections per grade level with small class sizes.
  • Students in need have access to 1:1 assistance from the Bucks County Intermediate Unit.
  • We foster an environment whereby older students serve as mentors to younger students in programs such as 5th grade/ Kindergarten buddies in addition to high school students volunteering in elementary classes.
  • We offer in-house instrumental lessons during the school day to interested young musicians.
  • Students have a variety of academic exposure in various subject matter including Spanish, Art, Technology, Library and Physical Education. Also, each classroom is equipped with various technology such as iPads and laptops.

Most importantly, ALL FCA students are mentored by their teachers and staff members in an intentional way, inspiring them with confidence and preparing them for the opportunities and challenges of the future.

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