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Understanding the cost associated with attendance at Faith Christian Academy is important. The Academy provides families with individualized discounts and savings in order to fulfill its vision: “to ensure that no child is denied a Christ-centered education, regardless of income.”  In addition to our steep multiple child discounts available for the second, third, or more children per family, awards that make up the financial assistance package include: scholarships, tax credits, financial aid and participation discounts.

Financial aid

Each family’s savings are varied based on financial factors. To maximize your family’s benefit, click the "Aid Application" button and complete the  FACTS financial aid application. 

For Returning Families: *FACTS SIS login credentials are not interchangeable with the Grant and Aid portion of FACTS. Parents must create a separate username and password in order to apply for aid.

For Prospective Families: If enrollment becomes available for your student(s), FCA will contact you directly with the results and work out a payment arrangement.


  • Applications take a few weeks to process. Your provision of all required documents from the onset is key to timely processing of your application.
  • Annual application renewal is required in order to be considered for continued financial assistance at FCA.