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Ninth Grade

Freshman Year

English (Academic and Honors**)
  • Academic English, Total Credits: 1
    • English 9

    • Grammar: grammar is reinforced through writing; grammar lessons as needed.

    • Literature: Study an anthology of writing pieces by well-known authors, focusing on specific aspects such as theme, motif, symbols, etc.

    • Novels: Read and analyze a variety of novels throughout the year including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Johnny Tremain, Animal Farm, No More Victims, The Giver, and The Oustiders.

    • Composition: Numerous writing pieces including, creative writing, expository writing, literary analysis, critical thinking writing prompts, research papers, oral speeches and poetry.

    • Vocabulary and Poetry: 400 vocabulary words; various poetic forms will be studied.

    • **Honors English courses move at an accelerated pace, cover an increased amount of novels (The Hiding Place, Anthem, Etc.) and an increased frequency of writing assignments.

Social Studies
  • Total Credits: 1
  • United States History II

  • Covers: 1851 - 1990

  • PA History *PA History can be added as an elective for 9-12 under History

  • Total Credits per class: 1

Algebra 2:

Students will build off the algebra skills they learned in Algebra 1, learning more advanced techniques and applications.

Textbook: Algebra 2: A Bridge to Success by Ron Larson & Laurie Boswell

  • Transformations of functions learned in Algebra 1 (linear, quadratic, absolute value, etc.)
  • Solving linear systems
  • Solving quadratic equations with real or imaginary solutions
  • Solving quadratic inequalities
  • Solving nonlinear systems of equations
  • Solving and graphing polynomial equations and functions
  • Properties of exponents and radicals
  • Solving and graphing radical equations and functions
  • Solving and graphing exponential and logarithmic equations and functions
  • Finding the inverse of a function
  • Solving and graphing rational equations and functions
  • Right triangle trigonometry and the unit circle
  • Probability (including overlapping, disjoint, independent, and dependent events)
  • Solving problems using two-way tables

In the Honors class, students also learn about:

  • Modeling with polynomial equations
  • Graphing sine and cosine functions
  • Counting with permutations and combinations
  • Solving problems using binomial distributions
  • Total Credits: 1

  • Students will investigate biological systems at the molecular, cellular, and macrobiological level. Hands-on laboratory exercises will be provided to assist students in their understanding of biological themes. Projects and reading assignments may be required with each unit of instruction.

    • The Study of Life

    • Biochemistry

    • Ecology

    • Biosphere Interactions

    • Energy and Information in the Cell

    • Cell Processes

    • Basic Genetics

    • Advanced Genetics

    • When Worldview Collide

    • Classifying Life

    • Prokaryotes and Viruses

    • Protists and Fungi

    • The Human Body

  • Total Credits: 1