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Elementary Arts and Music


In the Elementary Art program, the prominent objective is to guide the students to grasp the reality that God is the first and ultimate Artist and Maker of heaven and earth. The students will be encouraged and challenged to stretch their imagination, explore art history, view well-known artists, apply a variety of art mediums and techniques, understand there is a process to a project, express and articulate their perceived idea, and plan how they will arrive at the end of the product design.

While enjoying the creative process, the student's hearts and minds will be guided to honor the Lord with their varying abilities in the education of art. The art curriculum for each grade is designed to be manageable for their learning level and skill.

In the Elementary program, students will have the opportunity to analyze and implement drawing, painting, small sculpture, and fiber arts. Along with an art journal, the students will be compiling a portfolio containing their progressive art work from the entire year. Some of their work will be sent home through the school year, but a majority will be retained for display and special events at the school.


Music was created by God. Praise and worship shapes faith, and here at Faith Christian Academy, we feel it is important to have a strong vocabulary of praise! Our elementary music program spans from kindergarten through fifth grade. Our students thrive in fun and engaging weekly instruction in which the goal is to teach a love of music and to develop skills for using music as a tool to make learning all aspects of academia easy and fun.