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Faith Christian Academy takes pride in our academic achievements and staff

From Daycare to Graduation, Faith Christian Academy in Bucks County has qualified staff who will provide a solid scholastic education while teaching Biblical morals. Our private school will help your child learn about the technologies of today and prepare them for the future.

To our staff, working at Faith Christian Academy is more than just a job and a paycheck. Their goal is to help your child understand, learn, and excel in a world that can show little mercy. Classes are taught in a professional manner and the love of Christ is exhibited throughout each day. Our goal is to be transparent; read and learn about the staff members from our Staff webpage. You will see the love they have for our School in Bucks County as well as the students they teach.

From struggles to triumphs - We understand different students have different needs and strengths. If you're looking for a School in Montgomery County or a School in Bucks County, you will find our private school will utilize various tools to help your child understand through personal teaching, or lead them to excel through our advanced education programs.

All are welcome at our Christian School - We will teach and show the love of Christ, but we will not force our beliefs on anyone. We believe in leading through example and by our leading, your child will feel comfortable regardless of race, religion, or personal views.

Learn about each of the individual FCA grades by clicking the links to the right.