Kindergarten Goes on a Field Trip

The Kindergarten classes went on a field trip to Landis Grocery store in Telford on April 20th.

This trip enabled the students to go behind the scenes of the grocery store to see all the inner workings of the supermarket. First, they were able to see how fruits and vegetables are prepared and how the deli department works.  Then students also got to see how the meat is processed, wrapped, and ready for sale.  They even got to step foot into the large freezer…BRRRRRR.  Saving the best for last, the students made their way to the bakery.  Here the students were able to watch all the pies and cakes being baked.  They even got to see them decorate a cake!  To finish off the trip, the students were able to sample some donuts and wash it down with some chocolate milk…..YUM.  Thank you Landis for your hospitality!

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